Cheddar Links is a affiliate marketing solution for publishers. We have relationships with many of the top retailers and brands. Partner with us to benefit from our deeps advertising relationships, strong technical expertise, and our desire build a successful partnership together.

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Publisher Services

CheddarLinks provides you with the tools to be successful. We have highlighted some of the tools that we offer below. Not a publisher with use yet? Be sure to with CheddarLinks to use all of the resources our platform has to offer.

Product Feeds

Include our products from our database of millions of products via our data feeds. Our product tools feature a unified format for all products regardless of source. We deliver updated product information via API or FTP in JSON, XML or CSV formats.

Promotional Feeds

Promotions and coupons are a core part of converting visitors into buyers. We provide a feed of deals that can filtered by many criteria like retailers, type (BOGO, Free Shipping) and event (Black Friday Sales).

Web Service API

CheddarLinks offers a robust web service API that provides a suite of content delivery (XML, CSV, JSON) for content creators that would like to build custom solutions.

Comparison Widget

Our comparison widget let's you compare multiple products within the same category, if the product has detailed technical specifications those can be included as part of the comparison. The comparison tool let's you specify a featured retailer, display prices from one or more retailers and brands, and much more.

Pre-Built Product Widgets

Our team of designers has created pre-built product widgets that publishers can use on there sites. Custom product widget can also be built.

Pre-Built Deal Widgets

Our marketing specialist and designers have teamed up to create deal widgets that can be used on publisher sites.

Deep Linking

Deep Link allows publishers to link to any page on a retailer or brand. This makes it possible for a publisher to optimize there traffic to the best page on a given retailer or brand site. Our platform provide multiple tools to deep link to retailer sites.

Social Links

We provide shortened links that you control to put on your social networks, and provide complete tracking and management

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