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CheddarLinks is a affiliate partner network that provides comprehensive solutions to advertisers and publishers. With many premium affiliate programs and integration with all of the main affiliate networks, CheddarLinks offers a unique structure that allows affiliate partners to access multiple levels of digital performance-based marketing tools.
CheddarLinks makes growing your business online easy with trusted ecommerce tools, a global affiliate marketplace, and industry-leading support and education.
With everything you need to build with confidence, CheddarLinks is the perfect partner for your business.

Publisher Services


Earn affiliate commissions by promoting products, deals and brands with our affiliate marketing platform.

  • Access to APIs and pre built widget to put on your site.
  • Real-time reporting track clicks, conversion and more
  • Product & Offer Feeds
  • Live experienced support
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Social Influencer posting social content
advertiser Services


Promote your product or service with our solutions, target specific retailers, categories, and a lot more.

  • Discover publishers and social influencers that match your brand
  • Recruit publishers to your campaigns
  • Custom reporting and tooling
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Aug 17, 2022

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